18 May 2008

32. Woman In NYC, Originally From The South

I am watching a debate in which Bill Clinton and Hillary are debating Barack, and I can hear what is going on in the Clintons' heads. Barack is talking about an issue, and they keep saying over and over again, That little weasel. Shut up you little weasel. You're messing everything up, weasel. I'm thinking, Weasel? He looks more like a ferret to me. Then, because I don't know what a weasel actually looks like, there then comes a cavalcade of pictures and scenes with cute little ferrets.

The dream ends with a head-and-shoulders shot of Barack, which I think was my subconscious dream editor's way of showing him again so I could be like, Hmm, he does kind of look like a ferret.

Now that I'm awake, I realize weasels and ferrets are pretty similar and that he doesn't really look like either.

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