29 March 2008

21. Semi-Retired Plant Manager Who Likes McCain But Is A Democrat

The secretary at work says that John McCain and Hillary want to see me. I figure they want my endorsement, since the boss is leaving soon. I go to the boss's office and am surprised to see that McCain had already made himself at home. His office is a bustle of activity, and he's sitting at a cluttered -- not stately -- desk in the corner of the room.

This is a nuts-and-bolts kind of guy, I think. I like that. He gestures for me to have a seat next to him. Then I wake up.

20. Female On The Fence Between Obama And Hillary

There was a shootout in my home. It was like the wild west, with the women all upstairs hiding and all the men downstairs shooting. I don't know who was fighting whom, or why. Barack Obama was there. He sat next to me on the couch but sat on my glasses so I could not see.

19. Middle-Aged Woman And Hillary Supporter

In my dream, Obama and Clinton made it all the way to the Democratic Convention and, in an effort to freeze out the possibility of Al Gore taking the nomination, they decided to join forces. Together they were debating who would be number one and who would be number two.

I woke up disoriented, with my mind saying, No, this is a terrible idea, you have different styles and can't possible work together.

18. 25-Year-Old Woman At A Non-Profit In Potland

Hillary and Obama were staying in my home for a day or two. (Perhaps they were snowed in?) Since they were on a break from campaigning, I decided to talk with them both about morals. I was explaining the value of compassion, but Hillary attempted to ignore me by loudly talking over me about stock prices. Obama was brushing his teeth in the bathroom to avoid the conversation entirely.

In the end, I managed to get both of them to pinky-swear that they would never lie and always be kind.

27 March 2008

17. 24-Year-Old Female Graduate Student

Hillary was in the White House and Bill Clinton was in the first lady's office. I was hired to be Bill's assistant, but I had the overwhelming feeling that I couldn't trust him, that he was running the country. I was angry when I walked into his small side-office and saw him pretending to shuffle papers.

Suddenly I was back in my apartment and I was embarrassed that it was messy because Barack Obama was coming over. When he did come it felt like he was a member of the family, and not only did he not mind the mess but he helped fold some laundry and mopped a bit. I remember very much wanting to kiss him, but being too embarrassed to make a move. I felt both love for him and fear for him. It was a very emotional dream, slow and in just a few locations.

25 March 2008

16. White Female Obama Supporter Getting Divorced So Spending All Her Time With Women

I'm at a fundraiser on a campaign yacht with other Clinton and Obama supporters -- all women. It's sunset. Hillary is there and so is Michelle Obama. We are all attempting camaraderie but there is a tense, catty mood underlying it. (When I went to type tense I accidentally typed death instead!)

We are cruising around the harbor, dropping people off at different islands. Night falls and a breeze comes up. Clinton and her supporters have gone, and we realise that the front of the ship has been sliced off. It's just me, Michelle Obama and her daughters left on the ship, and we are tottering dangerously on the waves. Michelle, whom I admired as a strong, capable woman, begins to panic and rage against her abandonment by the Clinton campaign. She cries, What are they going to do, leave ME, a poor black woman, out here to DIE?

I assure her that I won't let that happen. I get her and her daughters safely down to the lowest deck of the yacht. I manage to land us safely in a city that looks like Venice, where everybody is richly dressed in gold and brocade.

Michelle begins to plan some errands she has to run with her daughters, ordering me around like an assistant. I began to regret ever having volunteered for the Obama campaign. I never thought she could be so high-strung and imperious.

15. 30-Year-Old Male Musician In Wisconsin

My sister and I are in Washington, campaigning in a crowd for a spoon (yes... a utensil) to be president -- instead of the three contenders. Someone asks us who the running mate will be and we reply, George Clooney, of course. Immediately the crowd begins chanting, Spooney and Clooney '08! An old woman suggests that we hand out movie passes to the crowd while balancing them on a spoon.

The dream switches and the spoon has been elected. The problem is that a huge elephant -- on fire and the size of Rhode Island -- has been marching up and down the east coast destroying every large city in the region.

We all feel scared that the country is doomed because our president is only a spoon. Then I woke up laughing.

24 March 2008

14. Female Computer Scientist In Her Early Thirties

Obama had won the Democratic nomination, and in what he clearly thought was a game-theory master stroke, had named McCain as his VP. Everyone thought it was brilliant and the talking heads were going nuts about how he had revolutionized the political game.

13. Female Barack Fan And Magazine Editor In New York

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was in an auditorium and the candidates were showing campaign videos. Hillary's started out with big letters and a booming voice saying "HILLLLARRYYYY CLINNNTONNNN!"

Then Barack's came on. It was a spoof of the movie Cars, called Cars 4: Barack Obama. It was animated, like the original film, totally funny and a real contrast to Hillary's boring video.

Now people from the audience were invited to debate. People kept going up and arguing for Barack, but no one would argue for Hillary. I stood up and said, You guys are such bandwagoners. Someone argue for Hillary! You can't all like Barack now, just because he's winning. That's lame!

22 March 2008

12. Female Hillary Supporter In California

In my dream Hillary is an infant and I'm holding her protectively and nursing her. Barack is taking aim at both of us with a shotgun. Fearing he will shoot us, I awaken.

21 March 2008

11. 56-Year Old Male Book Editor From Virginia

I was in something that seemed like World War II. I had on a helmet and I was really tired and dirty. Barack was my platoon leader. I was waiting for orders while he phoned somebody on a field telephone, when I noticed that it was just a piece of waxed string and a Dixie Cup. I pointed out that it wasn't a real phone and he said, Be quiet, I'm talking to Cheney.

I was horrified and I said, You shouldn't be talking to Cheney! but he said not to worry, it was Jim Cheney, not Dick Cheney, and he was getting his orders from him. I said, But you're the President! You're not supposed to be taking orders from anyone! He grew really exasperated and told me, Listen, everyone takes orders from someone.

I was so pissed off that I had switched my loyalty to someone who let somebody else tell him what to do. I said, I sure wish I'd voted for Hillary instead. He said, Do you think Hillary doesn't take orders from someone? Look up there.

There was a huge balloon, like a zeppelin, up in the sky, and a bunch of people were crowded around watching it. It started drifting down, and when it got close enough I could see that it was a giant inflated Bill Clinton with "Bill" written in large script on his side, the way they used to do on bombers. A smiling pig was painted on there, too, like the pigs in straw hats and overalls that advertise barbecue restaurants. When he got to the ground a door opened and Hillary appeared in a navy blue pantsuit, waving, and started to come down the steps. Just then, the zeppelin -- Bill -- exploded, and all this vomit came flying out. I was so scared I literally started speaking in tongues and ran away.

19 March 2008

10. HIV Treatment Educator In Philadelphia

I was moderating a debate between Barack and Hillary. I felt more like a referee than a moderator, because I had to run up and down the stage a lot. When the debate ended, I cleaned up Barack's wikipedia page. I made no major edits, and yet because I only edited his page, not hers, my neutrality was disputed, both as wiki contributor and debate referee. I decided that I had made a serious ethical lapse and started to berate myself for my mistake.

I woke up feeling nervous, but quickly realized that my neutrality is not actually required, and that it's OK that I'm going to vote for Barack as I'm not likely to be moderating any of their debates nor editing either of their wiki pages.

18 March 2008

9. Obama Supporter In Cambridge, MA.

I was riding the bus and listening to NPR on my iPod (would that one could do this in real life!). They were running a clip of Barack making a concession speech. He announced that he would be Clinton's running mate. I became incensed, jumped up and started pacing the bus, telling strangers the news. They were as upset as I was and we all began talking angrily. The bus was divided between those who thought Obama had been forced into a corner and was doing the best he could, and those who thought he had "sold out." It was also brought up that he might have had his brain taken over by a machine of some sort.

When I woke, I thought this had actually happened (not the part on the bus, just the news) and had to turn on NPR to confirm that it had not.

8. A Young Man Living In Mauritius

I am a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica. In BSG there are cylons, who look and act like humans but are really machines created by people who are in rebellion against humanity.

In my dream, I met a friend who talked to me about the elections in America. He told me this secret: among Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama there is one cylon!!!

I asked Who? but I woke up before he could tell me.

7. 49-Year-Old Woman Who Later Learned Who Tom Brady Is

It was the final night of the presidential primary season, and everyone in the nation was voting via internet, like on American Idol or something. I had the TV on and Barack and Hillary were sitting on the stage, but a good-looking man named Tom Brady was also on stage. He had entered the race at the last moment. The results of the voting were announced and Tom Brady had won. Barack and Hillary both looked shocked. What a waste of time all those primaries were! I thought, and wondered who this Tom Brady was.

17 March 2008

6. Woman With Grandparents In Obama, Japan

Barack's campaign wanted to make Hillary Clinton look bad by showing a video of Hillary tossing Barack out of an airplane.

Barack asked my boyfriend to dress up as Hillary and throw him out of a plane, but my boyfriend (an Obama supporter) said no. Barack replied, I'll be fine, Demetri Martin sold me some trampolines. (Demetri Martin is my favorite comedian.)

Next thing, I was on an airplane with my boyfriend, who was dressed up as Hillary. He was about to toss Barack out of the plane, but then he wimped out and said he could not. Barack replied, It's all right! Remember, there are trampolines. I'll be fine. So then my boyfriend tosses Barack out of the airplane.

Next thing -- I look down -- and there is the real Hillary Clinton bouncing on a trampoline.

5. Mother And Piano Teacher In Seattle

I am in a high school gym with my husband and many other people. Hillary and her supporters are at one end of the gym, and Barack and his supporters are at the other end. My husband and I are hanging out on the Hillary side, and Barack walks up to us and asks why we're not on his side. When we tell him we like Hillary better, he begins sweet talking us about why he's the best choice. My husband and I reluctantly agree to give him our vote, just to shut him up.

4. Male Graphic Designer In New York City

I'm in a high school gym with Hillary and Barack, trying to shoot hoops. There are basketballs all over but all the balls are flat, worn, heavy and hard to throw. I start complaining about this. Hillary is adamant that everything is perfectly fine, we're having a great time. She keeps shooting but nothing is going any where near the hoop. Barack seems to have a pretty good ball which he passes to me time from time, but we are both frustrated. We decide to go find a pump. Hillary says, Why? This is fine? But Barack and I leave to find a pump.

12 March 2008

3. American Female In Her Mid-20s

I was vacationing with my boyfriend's family in Rhode Island (although it looked like the Mediterranean). We stopped at the local ice cream shop and the two newest employees were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They were vying for customers.

Barack was about eight feet tall and he smiled at me so I went over and ordered from him: an almond frozen yogurt with peanut butter chips on top. I then went over to Hillary and ended up with a white chocolate mouse yogurt with strawberries from her.

I went outside to eat them. There were fairy-tale like castles along the shore and across the water I could see giant Russian mansions. I went swimming far out to sea and saw a huge sand-colored shark before I caught a wave and came back to shore, where I continued to eat my frozen yogurt.

Barack came over and sat next to me while I ate and we talked about his campaign and the one castle by the shore that was all over-grown and boarded up. He asked if I would like to come on the campaign trail with him and I agreed as long as he would take the mountains of garbage off my front lawn. He agreed and we walked down to the abandoned castle.

Once inside the gates we looked around the yard, and out from behind some shrubbery came Vanessa Williams. She said this was her house but the people in the town did not like her and drove her out.

2. Female Writer Of Health Books

In the early part of my dream, I knew that George Bush had raped me, though I didn’t experience it in the dream. I was swimming in the Cambodia River and all these refugees were rafting by me. I felt anxiety that by swimming in the river, what with the agitation of the surf, Bush’s DNA would be washed out of me and I wouldn’t have a case against him. I desperately wanted to get where I was going so I could press charges against him, but other events kept cropping up.

The first was a barbecue with Bill and Hillary Clinton. I found myself sitting next to Hillary. She was very friendly in a girlfriend kind of way. I asked her, Does it bug you that they call Barack Obama "Obama" and they call you "Hillary"?. She replied, It really bugs me.

1. Female Education Centre Program Developer

I walked into a voting booth. There was a curtain around me and a computer in front of me. Big round buttons went down the right side of the computer, and each button had a different candidate's name on it. I pushed Obama button. A window came up on the screen saying, You have selected Clinton. Is this correct? I canceled my selection and tried again. I pushed the Obama button and again saw the window saying, You have selected Clinton. Is this correct? I tried over and over, but the same thing kept happening. I didn't know what to do.