25 March 2008

15. 30-Year-Old Male Musician In Wisconsin

My sister and I are in Washington, campaigning in a crowd for a spoon (yes... a utensil) to be president -- instead of the three contenders. Someone asks us who the running mate will be and we reply, George Clooney, of course. Immediately the crowd begins chanting, Spooney and Clooney '08! An old woman suggests that we hand out movie passes to the crowd while balancing them on a spoon.

The dream switches and the spoon has been elected. The problem is that a huge elephant -- on fire and the size of Rhode Island -- has been marching up and down the east coast destroying every large city in the region.

We all feel scared that the country is doomed because our president is only a spoon. Then I woke up laughing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. It has made my day alarmingly better. ^^

ShayShay said...

You just made me spit coffee on my screen!!!