17 March 2008

6. Woman With Grandparents In Obama, Japan

Barack's campaign wanted to make Hillary Clinton look bad by showing a video of Hillary tossing Barack out of an airplane.

Barack asked my boyfriend to dress up as Hillary and throw him out of a plane, but my boyfriend (an Obama supporter) said no. Barack replied, I'll be fine, Demetri Martin sold me some trampolines. (Demetri Martin is my favorite comedian.)

Next thing, I was on an airplane with my boyfriend, who was dressed up as Hillary. He was about to toss Barack out of the plane, but then he wimped out and said he could not. Barack replied, It's all right! Remember, there are trampolines. I'll be fine. So then my boyfriend tosses Barack out of the airplane.

Next thing -- I look down -- and there is the real Hillary Clinton bouncing on a trampoline.

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