26 April 2008

29. 33-Year-Old Gay Married Man

Barack and I end up in the living room of what turns out to be McCain's mother's house. We are laying out blankets because it is too stormy outside to leave. We are feeling nervous because there is some serious physical attraction between us. He keeps trying to encourage me that it's OK if we mess around a bit because he's married too and it's really not cheating when one of you is a politician.

After a few moments of intimacy, McCain's mother storms into the room and yells at both of us for being so unfaithful to our partners. She says this can never happen again.

21 April 2008

28. 25-Year-Old Female Architect Supporting Hillary

Barack and Hillary were holding rallies in the same mall parking lot, almost next to each other. Barack had around 100 people while Hillary had maybe 10. My boyfriend and I were wandering back and forth between both rallies. Then the rallies suddenly ended and we were left standing there with just Barack.

We asked if we could take a photo with him. He said, No, sorry. I’m not allowed to do that, but maybe this one time I’ll look the other way.

Then he started walking away and my boyfriend and I starting chasing after him with our camera. However, he blended in so well with the crowd that we couldn’t find him. (I think this is symbolic of the idea that he relates to the common man perhaps?) At last we spotted him talking to a homeless man. The homeless man asked him for money but we never heard his answer.

Suddenly there were bombs being dropped everywhere in the city and we were ducking for cover. My boyfriend and I crawled into some bushes to hide and must have been knocked unconscious, for we came to in a room with some investigators drilling us with questions. We refused to give any answers.

Suddenly they starting congratulating us and saying we’d passed. Apparently the bombs had been a test and now we were Navy Seals! Barack and Michelle came into the room and congratulated us. Then they began exchanging Christmas presents with another black couple in the room. We all stood around, oohing and aahing at the cheap Christmas ornaments they were giving each other.

16 April 2008

27. 56-Year-Old Mom In Vermont

I was on the Barack campaign trail as a devoted follower and amateur photographer. I was with a group that went to every primary and caucus. Though we were on the periphery, the excitement level was high and it was a labor of love.

At one event, Hillary approached me with the offer of professional status if I covered her campaign. I'd have access to everything and would be the main photographer. I'd worked in photojournalism agencies and I knew this was the chance of a lifetime. I fell for it. I even told her she looked good for her age. She preened.

Then it hit me. She had merely been luring me away from Barack, wanting to prevent him from getting the coverage he deserved. In a oily swirl of guilt and stupidity, I woke up.

26. Female PhD Student Who Supports Hillary

Barack was holding an informal rally and talk in an old high school gymnasium with rickety wooden bleachers. I followed a crowd of young people into the gym, while giving Barack a very skeptical look so he knew I was a hard sell and a tough-minded, rational Hillary supporter. I could tell Barack wanted me to join him and was disappointed I had not.

When he saw me in the rickety bleachers, his face lit up with happiness. I thought we were never going to get you, he said directly to me. Our eyes locked and there was a strong attachment between us, more romantic than sexual. I felt it was wrong to keep staring at him but I felt such a strong magnetic attraction. I could also tell that my being there was very important to him.

He started reciting a Biblical verse and asked us to think about what it meant. He told us to believe in Jesus and not be afraid. I felt excited but also reserved.

He had us follow him out of the gymnasium. As I got up, I saw Hillary sitting in the crowd. I hadn't noticed her before. She had been several bleachers behind me the entire time. She was wearing a Hillary for President T-shirt and a Hillary for President baseball cap. She was sitting alone.

We made eye contact. She looked hurt, but at once turned on one of her big, beautiful smiles. However, I could tell she was still hurt.

I wanted to explain why I was there at an Obama event, but she turned away too quickly for me to explain. I felt terrible, like a traitor. I wanted to cry. I reached out to touch her, but couldn’t.

14 April 2008

25. Denver Man Who Supports Obama

Hillary and Barack were participating in a soup-making contest. Hillary's was light and oily, essentially a broth, but tasty enough that people couldn't get enough of it. Barack's was richer, with a much heavier consistency. After one taste, no one wanted more. The line to try Hillary's soup was long, while people seemed to be tasting Barack's out of a sense of duty. It was very uncomfortable. I really wished Barack's soup was better.

12 April 2008

24. 29-Year-Old Male Editor In New York Who Is Undecided

I'm at a Democratic Party debate. I've got a great seat up in front. The theme of the debate is that real people get to ask questions. Hillary is in a white business suit while Barack is wearing a denim shirt and denim pants and a leather vest, like a bad 70s look.

The debate gets underway and the first questioners are introduced. On a giant conveyor-belt system, two young women are hanging, swinging forward and back across the stage. They're wearing giant garbage bags, like in that Missy Elliott video. Together they ask an inane question about what the candidates would do if aliens landed on Earth.

Before they are done, Barack cuts them off. He tells the audience this is ridiculous, the election is something serious and this cheapens the whole process. He walks off the stage. There's a hush over the crowd, a small smattering of applause, but I'm the only person who jumps to their feet and gives a standing ovation.

23. Female College Student Living In Spain

I was at some sort of convention. Hillary and Barack had just announced their intentions to run as a joint ticket, with Hillary running as President. While the crowd seemed to be pretty pleased, the whole thing had a very emotional atmosphere, almost to the point of sorrow. I was pleased that they had finally chosen to join forces.

Offstage, as Clinton was speaking, Obama gave me a sort of morose look and an intense hug, as though I had gotten him through tough times before.

01 April 2008

22. Female Brooklyn Feminist And Speechwriter For Social Justice Non-Profits

It's the night before Hillary's "coronation" as President of the United States. We're in a sprawling hotel suite where her campaign staff all hectically prepare for her big moment. I've been invited to take part because Hillary liked a speech I wrote and she wants me to read it. I'm awed by her, the whole scene. When Hillary talks to me, I feel important. I ask, But how are you?

She yells, not unkindly, Terrible! I've had a terrible life! I'm miserable!!

It's what I most feared and there's not a thing I can do.

Next, I'm in another hotel suite. Barak Obama's aides bustle around him as he sits in a chair in the middle of the room, his head lowered and his hands covering his face. I realize he is about to be made Vice President and that's why he's sad; he really wanted to be President. This is torture for him. His shining aura has gone dim. He's in a shadow and locked there.