12 April 2008

24. 29-Year-Old Male Editor In New York Who Is Undecided

I'm at a Democratic Party debate. I've got a great seat up in front. The theme of the debate is that real people get to ask questions. Hillary is in a white business suit while Barack is wearing a denim shirt and denim pants and a leather vest, like a bad 70s look.

The debate gets underway and the first questioners are introduced. On a giant conveyor-belt system, two young women are hanging, swinging forward and back across the stage. They're wearing giant garbage bags, like in that Missy Elliott video. Together they ask an inane question about what the candidates would do if aliens landed on Earth.

Before they are done, Barack cuts them off. He tells the audience this is ridiculous, the election is something serious and this cheapens the whole process. He walks off the stage. There's a hush over the crowd, a small smattering of applause, but I'm the only person who jumps to their feet and gives a standing ovation.

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