16 April 2008

26. Female PhD Student Who Supports Hillary

Barack was holding an informal rally and talk in an old high school gymnasium with rickety wooden bleachers. I followed a crowd of young people into the gym, while giving Barack a very skeptical look so he knew I was a hard sell and a tough-minded, rational Hillary supporter. I could tell Barack wanted me to join him and was disappointed I had not.

When he saw me in the rickety bleachers, his face lit up with happiness. I thought we were never going to get you, he said directly to me. Our eyes locked and there was a strong attachment between us, more romantic than sexual. I felt it was wrong to keep staring at him but I felt such a strong magnetic attraction. I could also tell that my being there was very important to him.

He started reciting a Biblical verse and asked us to think about what it meant. He told us to believe in Jesus and not be afraid. I felt excited but also reserved.

He had us follow him out of the gymnasium. As I got up, I saw Hillary sitting in the crowd. I hadn't noticed her before. She had been several bleachers behind me the entire time. She was wearing a Hillary for President T-shirt and a Hillary for President baseball cap. She was sitting alone.

We made eye contact. She looked hurt, but at once turned on one of her big, beautiful smiles. However, I could tell she was still hurt.

I wanted to explain why I was there at an Obama event, but she turned away too quickly for me to explain. I felt terrible, like a traitor. I wanted to cry. I reached out to touch her, but couldn’t.

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