12 March 2008

3. American Female In Her Mid-20s

I was vacationing with my boyfriend's family in Rhode Island (although it looked like the Mediterranean). We stopped at the local ice cream shop and the two newest employees were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They were vying for customers.

Barack was about eight feet tall and he smiled at me so I went over and ordered from him: an almond frozen yogurt with peanut butter chips on top. I then went over to Hillary and ended up with a white chocolate mouse yogurt with strawberries from her.

I went outside to eat them. There were fairy-tale like castles along the shore and across the water I could see giant Russian mansions. I went swimming far out to sea and saw a huge sand-colored shark before I caught a wave and came back to shore, where I continued to eat my frozen yogurt.

Barack came over and sat next to me while I ate and we talked about his campaign and the one castle by the shore that was all over-grown and boarded up. He asked if I would like to come on the campaign trail with him and I agreed as long as he would take the mountains of garbage off my front lawn. He agreed and we walked down to the abandoned castle.

Once inside the gates we looked around the yard, and out from behind some shrubbery came Vanessa Williams. She said this was her house but the people in the town did not like her and drove her out.

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