25 March 2008

16. White Female Obama Supporter Getting Divorced So Spending All Her Time With Women

I'm at a fundraiser on a campaign yacht with other Clinton and Obama supporters -- all women. It's sunset. Hillary is there and so is Michelle Obama. We are all attempting camaraderie but there is a tense, catty mood underlying it. (When I went to type tense I accidentally typed death instead!)

We are cruising around the harbor, dropping people off at different islands. Night falls and a breeze comes up. Clinton and her supporters have gone, and we realise that the front of the ship has been sliced off. It's just me, Michelle Obama and her daughters left on the ship, and we are tottering dangerously on the waves. Michelle, whom I admired as a strong, capable woman, begins to panic and rage against her abandonment by the Clinton campaign. She cries, What are they going to do, leave ME, a poor black woman, out here to DIE?

I assure her that I won't let that happen. I get her and her daughters safely down to the lowest deck of the yacht. I manage to land us safely in a city that looks like Venice, where everybody is richly dressed in gold and brocade.

Michelle begins to plan some errands she has to run with her daughters, ordering me around like an assistant. I began to regret ever having volunteered for the Obama campaign. I never thought she could be so high-strung and imperious.

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