19 May 2008

34. A Mennonite Man

I was at some conference in a house with Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton. I knew I needed to speak to them privately, and asked if they could meet with me between sessions. They consented. We looked for a quiet place, but the first one we found -- a screened porch -- was too hot or too cold or noisy or something. We ended up in an inner room around a long folding table. I sat next to Obama; Clinton sat across from him.

They were amicable. We exchanged polite greetings, and I discovered I had real warmth and respect for Hillary, despite knowing I would vote for Barack. I said that I had just wanted to give both of them some down time to collect themselves, since they had been working so hard, and I saw Obama's eyes brim with tears.

Then two Zen priests in long robes arrived. The one in the orange robe sat next to me and the one in the yellow robe with sequins sat by Hillary. Now I became aware of other people in the room -- campaign managers, etc. -- whereas when we entered, there hadn't even been a security guard. Feeling somewhat sheepish that all these people were now going to hear my private comments to the democratic hopefuls, I lowered my voice.

I just want to let you know... I'm praying for you.

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