21 April 2008

28. 25-Year-Old Female Architect Supporting Hillary

Barack and Hillary were holding rallies in the same mall parking lot, almost next to each other. Barack had around 100 people while Hillary had maybe 10. My boyfriend and I were wandering back and forth between both rallies. Then the rallies suddenly ended and we were left standing there with just Barack.

We asked if we could take a photo with him. He said, No, sorry. I’m not allowed to do that, but maybe this one time I’ll look the other way.

Then he started walking away and my boyfriend and I starting chasing after him with our camera. However, he blended in so well with the crowd that we couldn’t find him. (I think this is symbolic of the idea that he relates to the common man perhaps?) At last we spotted him talking to a homeless man. The homeless man asked him for money but we never heard his answer.

Suddenly there were bombs being dropped everywhere in the city and we were ducking for cover. My boyfriend and I crawled into some bushes to hide and must have been knocked unconscious, for we came to in a room with some investigators drilling us with questions. We refused to give any answers.

Suddenly they starting congratulating us and saying we’d passed. Apparently the bombs had been a test and now we were Navy Seals! Barack and Michelle came into the room and congratulated us. Then they began exchanging Christmas presents with another black couple in the room. We all stood around, oohing and aahing at the cheap Christmas ornaments they were giving each other.

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Dude said...

Interesting that a *bush* protected you and your boyfriend from an enemy attack - one that later turned out to be a fake!